Multiple people reported problems with the HTML5-version in Chrome/Chromium. I'm sorry! Please consider downloading the game or use Firefox instead!

In Wonkey (pronounced "One Key" once you're drunk enough) there is only one way: down! Descend into a mystical cave full of strange keyhole-blocks, that will only let you pass, if you hold a key in their matching color. Be careful though: you can hold only one key of each color at a time!


  • WASD or arrow keys: character movement
  • R: restart the current level
  • Escape: exit game

All assets and programming were done solo during the 48 hours of the GMTK2019 gamejam. Sound effects were generated using sfxr. Pixelart was done in aseprite. And my gorgeous girlfriend provided me with a soundtrack - love you! :-*

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  1. Why is the main character so ugly?
    It's modeled after myself, I'm sorry
  2. Uhm, the Ending, you know... ... ... Worse than GoT!
    Absolutely. But with a way smaller budget! :)
    Would have loved to explore the teleporter mechanic more, but ran out of time. Turns out: designing a puzzle game is hard. Like really, really hard!

Install instructions

Simply unzip the provided file. It should contain two files:

  • wonkey.pck
  • wonkey.exe / wonkey.x86_64 (depending on your OS)

The latter one is an standalone executable - no installation and no external libraries required! Make sure that the wonkey.pck-file is in the same directory though.


Windows-Version (Original Jam Build) 20 MB
Linux-Version (Original Jam Build) 22 MB


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great game!